We really love wool in any form, it's fantastic! So tactile, durable and comes in amazing colours! So it was the obvious choice for our coaster range!

We use 100% natural wool felt to take advantage of the natural properties each individual fibre has. Each insulates against heat, absorbs moisture, cushions impact and is resilient to staining! Felt is a non-woven material, and so, is extremely resilient to fraying, ensuring the edges stay crisp and looking great for a long time! 


Care Advice

If you need to clean any of the felt products, running them under lukewarm water and rubbing very lightly with your fingers, avoiding the Geometrico logo area should remove any stains. Always dry them flat and do not use a washing machine or detergents.  It is important not to expose them to naked flames or excessive heat, especially taking care around the area featuring the Geometrico Logo, placing hot objects on this could damage it.