Coffee Boost - Geometrico

Coffee Boost

We know its cliché, but we love working in coffee shops! There is such a buzz about being surrounded by other people with the same mindset and attitude as you. Its a good opportunity to reflect and spark new conversations - you never know where they will lead!  This is where you will usually catch us, ours is black, no sugar please!  

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Es Latina - Geometrico

Es Latina

We get asked it all the time, so here it is! Geometrico is a Latin word we came accross in Spain. It doesn't just mean geometric, it encapsulates the wider concept of geometry, proportion and tessellation - the coming together of shapes. We encapsulated this principle into our logo as a constant reminder, and embedded it into our design process to ensure every product we create delivers it.   

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The Start - Geometrico

The Start

The Alhambra in Granada is a special place for us - it's where we formed our vision for what Geometrico has become. It is still a constant source of inspiration. That's why we promised ourselves, when we open our first physical store, we will give away free Alhambra Reserva beer for our customers to enjoy. 

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Maker: Moll & Kühnsche Filzfabrik - Geometrico

Maker: Moll & Kühnsche Filzfabrik

Our search for the highest grade and quality wool felt took us to Germany. We found the perfect company in Moll & Kühnsche Filzfabrik, based in Spalt, an area renown for their superior quality of felt.  Founded in 1861, Moll & Kühnsche Filzfabrik has become a global supplier of classic wool and needle felts, for more than 150 years it has stood for high-quality materials, superior craftsmanship and innovative, state-of-the art production processes. We instantly knew they were the right partner for us when we saw the quality of the felt and the range of colours available! We spent time working with the team in Germany to select the perfect colour...

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Scandi-inspired - Geometrico


Since before Geometrico was founded we loved Scandinavian design. The focus on materials, simplicity and function really appeals to us. We bring that spirt to all of our products. We focus on reducing an idea down to the simplest embodiment without loosing the character, executing it in the best material for the job. We do this to ensure we deliver the perfect balance of simplicity, function and style.

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Making our mark - Geometrico

Making our mark

A few weeks ago was our 1st birthday! It passed without much celebration as we frantically prepare for Christmas and the launch of some exciting new products! But today we paused for some important news! Today, our star logo was granted trademark status!  This may seem like not a big deal, but to us it is a huge milestone, one that we couldnt imagine reaching without the help and support of some amazing friends and family. Looking back to when we first started, sketching and cutting felt, making shapes on the dining room table, and selling our first products on...

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