Stop hiding your coasters away in drawers! We've created some that can proudly be left on show! 

We’ve all done the juggling act of trying to find a coaster with your hands full of steaming hot coffee, or, experienced the telling off for not using one, because, lets face it - you don’t know where they are! These coasters change the game! Precision cut into bold geometric designs. The tessellating shape unlocking unlimited arrangements and uses!

Fuzzy and soft contrasted against straight and geometric. So cool you will want to leave them out on show, right where you need them! 

Pad is made precision cut from 100% natural felt. We source it from a small town in Germany, renown for its premium quality wool! We move it to Manchester, England to be turned into the unique coasters and trivet sets.

Wool is the perfect material for coasters, the fibres are hardwearing and naturally water repellant! To clean it can be simply rinsed under luke warm water! It's also highly sustainable, biodegradable and naturally renewable! 

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