Design Driven Foodies

We are trained designers and massive foodies! The creativity of cooking and innovation of product design are closely connected, it seemed natural for us to combine these two passions. 

We love to spend time in the kitchen, and take pride in how it lands on the table. We all know the saying “you eat with your eyes”, serving up a well presented meal does justice to the process, time and effort we’ve put in - We just hope it tastes as good as it looks! 


Creative Hunger

All the products that we design are inspired by opportunities we’ve seen with our own food presentation, hosting friends and family, or an insight through observing others. Each product strives to enhance culinary creativity making an unforgettable dining experience for everyone!

We focus on reducing any idea down into its purest form. Our designs are bold in their simplicity, we focus on the details, allowing your cooking to do the talking.


Wholesome Materials  

We take material choice seriously, sourcing each for the specific job we have in mind. We treat them honestly, to bring out and celebrate their natural beauty. Every product is robustly tested to ensure they meet our practical and aesthetic requirements, doing justice to the network of people that help us make each a reality.