Our Story

Small and Mighty

It all started in 2016 with a simple idea for a set of drink coasters which we designed, handmade and sold them from our tiny bedroom studio. Since then our ambitions have grown and we've embarked on our mission to bring you luxury homeware products, that adapt and flex to serve different functions simply and elegantly.


Improve the Everyday

The coasters were simple but they helped us learn what makes Geometrico special. We are driven to improve everyday objects, with functionality and flexibility at their core. These guiding principles put you in control, when you own a Geometrico product you define your own style, one that meets your needs, suits your home and fits your lifestyle. 


Fine Balance

At the core of our process is obsession, we refine an idea to its simplest, most functional form, laboring over the details. We play with contrast: hard lines in soft materials, smooth surfaces next to rough textures, natural materials with precision manufacture. We spend our time refining the balance and sourcing the right materials for the job, working with passionate experts across the UK and Europe to achieve the highest possible results. 


Es español

Finally, we always get asked so lets finish on how we ended up being called Geometrico. Our vision for the brand crystallised on an incredibly hot (seriously hot!) visit to the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. The colours, and intricate tessellating shapes brought together threads of ideas we had into a cohesive vision for a new brand.

The word Geometrico is Spanish and refers to geometry, proportion, balance and tessellation, all the things we saw on our visit to the palace and the fundamental building blocks of modular design. It perfectly captures the products we want to create. We also embedded this founding ethos into our star logo and the rest is history.

Oh! On that swelteringly hot, heat stroke inducing day in Granada we made a promise! When we make it big, we will always have thirst quenching Alhambra beer on hand to share with our customers, as connection to where it all started.