Hard and soft, smooth and textured, organic and precision. We fine tune contrast to get the perfect balance.

We love exploring materials! Contrasting textures and blending precision with organic. We like to work with authentic, wholesome materials - materials that are environmentally conscious and if possible give something back. We design with them in an honest way, to celebrating them and their characteristics. Where we can we using low impact manufacture, working with experts in the UK and Europe to craft them into something special.


We have a few favourites: 

    • Natural Wool Felt. Scouring Europe we found the best quality in Spalt, Germany. Fuzzy, soft and 100% Natural - it was love at first sight. Oh, and its hardwearing, rapidly renewable and biodegradable!

    • Sustainable Wood. An ancient resource, ours comes from modern managed forests. Each pice is unique and we love that! We like it au naturel or simply finished with oil and bee's wax to enhance its natural beauty.

    • Recycled Glass. Its good to know that all those bottles fo to good use! The slight hint of teal and soft mottled texture of recycled glass calls to us. Each piece with its own unique character, bubbles and contours. 

    • Reground Cork Like that amazing bottle of Port you last had, ours comes from Portugal. Squishy, bouncy and made from ground up bottle stoppers, its super sustainable too!

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