Geometrico doesn't just mean geometric, it encapsulates the wider principle of geometry, proportion and symmetry - the coming together of shapes. Combining our passion for functional simplicity, modular design and premium materials, we captured this in our logo and embody it into each of our products.

We are creatives, and we love it. All of our ideas start with a moment of inspiration, followed by hours of obsession and meticulous attention to detail. Every corner, line, groove and cut has been considered and re-considered to ensure it delivers the best performance and style. Our designs are bold, but the results are subtle.

We love exploring materials, and celebrate them by contrasting texture, colour and form. We treat each material with honesty, capitalising on its natural properties to deliver the performance we need. This passion drives us to work with the best manufacturing partners to help make our vision a reality.

Owning a Geometrico product is seamless, they fit into your life effortlessly to perform very particular tasks. Each product is simplified to the purest essence of the idea, thoughtfully designed to balance simplicity with function and loving made out of the best materials we can find. When a product meets these criteria, will we proudly put our name on it.

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