About us

My vision for what Geometrico has become started during a visit to the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. The interconnecting shapes and symmetry of the architecture crystallised a set of thoughts I had been having, and also helped to name it! The name and logo embodies the essence of Geometrico, the simplicity of geometric shapes, which singularly are insignificant - but together, create something much more beautiful and interesting.

I started with the ambition of creating unique homeware products that solve real life problems, embodying the core principles of simplicity, flexibility and functionality.
Our products work as a system, connecting and adapting to provide different looks and uses. This versatility ensures that when you own a Geometrico product, it is not a single object, it has multiple functions and aesthetic styles that effortlessly fit into your life, performing tasks in a fun and unique way.

Each product starts with a moment of inspiration, followed by hours of obsession, deconstructing each idea into the simplest embodiment. Every corner, line, groove and cut is considered and re-considered, as we challenge traditional and modern manufacturing techniques. Wherever possible we work with UK based craftsmen who have mastered the skills needed to deliver superior quality, and make the vision a reality.

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